Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The Yeti are still on the go, just need a few more snowflakes to be put in place (so far there are about 70) and then decide how to the mean time, I bought some gorgeous clip art and produced these two happy chaps!

 To counter act the beige, the lining is a very bright and chipper orange check.   Lots of internal pockets for all your "stuff".  
 The fabric is a faux suede microfiber and it has been quilted all over.  
 I tried a different style for boxing in the bottom of the bag and I quite like it.
 There are three designs in this set.   They are designed for the bigger hoop of 200 x 300mm.  They are a combination of applique and fill stitches and are quite striking.   I used some teal satin for the wings and tail which kind of glitters under the shading stitches.

These designs are now up for sale over in my Etsy shop for $5 for the set of three.     They are a very modern style and would look equally as precious in other colour combinations.   To make him into a King Fisher, use blue fabric for the body as well.   Check out Mr Google for other great colour combinations it you are not sure!!

Bye for now!~  Sue xxx

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