Saturday, August 30, 2014


 Finished this bag late last night.   Embroidery took about an hour, the quilting all day!   I practiced some feathers. I originally marked them out with a black frixion pen and crossed everything that the marks would disappear. I found I could still see them when the steam hit, but I chucked the lot in the washing machine (after spraying with preen and using a hot wash) and they are now all gone.......

Flamingo is now available over at Etsy for $3.00 and is available in sizes to fit the 200 x 300 hoop and the 130 x 180 hoop.   The 130 x 180 hoop design is a split design so the finished size is not far off the bigger one!    

The lining is a very bright pink with a black and white stripe for the base and side pockets. 


Sue xxx

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