Thursday, August 7, 2014

YETI......You know they're out there......

I have been beavering away busily on a few machine embroidery designs.   I am so enjoying the art of digitizing.   My shoulder and lower back, not always so ;-) !   I have done some gorgeous appliques related to these dolls/pincushions but I am still adding "stuff" to the quilt top and want you to get the full impact when it is done.    So to pique your interest I got side tracked with these.


They stitch out very quickly and only require you to ladder stitch a small seam after stuffing.   There are 6 different dolls in each set - same shape, just different faces.   They are all available now over in my Etsy shop - you can purchase the size for your machine - 100 x 100mm, 130 x 180mm, 160 x 260mm or 200 x 300 mm.  

I have also added some button covers to the range.  There are six in the file.   These will fit in a small hoop or you can stitch the lot out in one hooping and then cut them apart.   They are designed for a 38mm self cover button although there is a little wiggle room if you want to do a bigger button!

Use them on garments, hair accessories, quilts, bags........


Back to the grind stone...!   Sue xxx

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